2019 Frisco Voter Guide


Important dates

First day of early voting: April 22
Last day to apply for ballot by mail: April 23
Last day of early voting: April 30
Election day: May 4

Frisco City Council, Place 2

Shona Huffman – incumbent

Years in Frisco: 15
Experience: mayor pro tem; leader in legislative policy, economic and job growth
Top priorities: public safety training and equipment, property tax relief, smart development, innovative traffic solutions
Contact: 469-789-6860

Mukesh Parna

Mukesh Parna

Years in Frisco: 5
Experience: charity organization founder, partner with city departments, infrastructure development, job creation, leadership
Top priorities: transparent representation, reduce property tax and density, small business, job creation, traffic congestion
Contact: 214-699-6606

Jeanne Weisz

Years in Frisco: 13
Experience: retired from 40 years of helping to maintain the community’s health
Top priorities: responsible and transparent economic growth that protects small businesses and taxpayers
Contact: 214-840-9938

Frisco City Council, Place 4

Stephanie Cleveland

Years in Frisco: eight
Experience: Navy veteran, corporate leadership (Dell Technologies), community volunteer
Top priorities: smart growth, innovative traffic solutions, public safety, local control, arts development
Contact: 214-395-8472



Bill Woodard – incumbent

Years in Frisco: 14
Experience: 3 years City Council, 10 years other Frisco boards/commissions
Top priorities: public safety; transportation improvements; financial stability; increase parks, trails and open spaces
Contact: 214-945-3366

Frisco ISD board of trustees, Place 1

Gopal Ponangi

Years in Frisco ISD: 15
Experience: program manager, FISD long-range planning committee, Frisco Education Foundation advisory board member
Top priorities: fiscal responsibility, entrepreneurship programs, special education, mental health, security and technology optimization
Contact: 214-868-7538

Nathan Adams

Years in Frisco ISD: six
Experience: veteran, special needs parent, security expert, corporate strategy
Top priorities: advocate for teachers and special needs, improve security, spend wisely
Contact: 972-955-3871

Frisco ISD board of trustees, Place 2

Natalie Hebert

Years in Frisco ISD: 15
Experience: 14 years in education, teaching and serving on FISD committees and improvement teams.
Top priorities: zoning, retaining effective teachers and paraprofessionals, special education
Contact: 469-209-5609

Steve Noskin – incumbent

Years in Frisco ISD: five and a half
Experience: nine years of school board experience, proven track record, business owner
Top priorities: Enhance teacher compensation, improve student safety, maintain fiscal responsibility, advocate for additional transparency
Contact: 631-433-0459

Frisco ISD board of trustees, Place 3

Chad Rudy – incumbent


Years in Frisco ISD: 10
Experience: four years on FISD board, long-time community volunteer
Top priorities: plan for enrollment growth, retain our teachers, maintain low tax rate
Contact: 214-991-2929

Muni Janagarajan

Years in Frisco ISD: six
Experience: Information technology professional, community leader, volunteer, Richwoods HOA director
Top priorities: financial stewardship, retain and recruit talented teachers, campus safety, transparency and accountability
Contact:  972-900-3404

Collin College board of trustees, Place 2

Jay Saad

Current city of residence: Plano
Experience: I have 31 years as a business leader in health care
Top priorities: campus safety, maintain a competitive tax rate, encourage educational diversity
Contact: 214-802-2208


Collin College board of trustees, Place 4

Buzz Kolbe

Current city of residence: McKinney
Experience: leader for eight nonprofits in Collin County since 1999
Top priorities: workforce development, managing growth, execution and completion of the 2016 five-year master plan
Contact: 214-425-3260

Greg Gomel

Current city of residence: Plano
Experience: 40 years of continuous learning and growth in becoming a better leader
Top priorities: workforce and academic programs aligned with projected Collin County labor market needs
Contact: 469-573-4448

Collin College board of trustees, Place 5

Raj Menon – incumbent

Current city of residence: Plano
Experience: trustee since 2016, treasurer, member of finance and audit committee
Top priorities: hire the best, respect all, operate smart, keep fees and taxes low
Contact: www.rajmenon.com

Collin College board of trustees, Place 6

Stacy Anne Arias

Current city of residence: Melissa
Experience: fiscal conservative with 12-plus years experience on the board of trustees of Collin College
Top priorities: affordability (low tax rate and low tuition), blended and collaborative programming, 21st Century skill preparation
Contact: 469-247-6838

Tim Chappell

Current city of residence: Plano
Experience: local, county and state leadership positions (see my resume online)
Top priorities: continued academic excellence, fiscally prudent growth, affordable education for all students
Contact: 469-422-7265

Bond propositions

Five bond proposition are on the ballot this May totaling $345 million. Read more about the propositions here.

Charter propositions

There are 24 charter propositions on the ballot to update and amend the city charter. Learn more about the propositions here.

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