GUIDE: South Austin Montessori, Waldorf, private and charter schools


Parents who choose to not send their children to a public school have a variety of other education options in the Southwest Austin area. This guide includes a list of private school options as well as information to help parents make the best decision for their children.

Prices are based on tuition rates that were confirmed by each individual school but are subject to change and do not include other potential application or enrollment fees. Extracurricular activities listed are some, but may not be all, of available activities offered at a campus.

This list is not comprehensive.

Montessori schools

These schools follow the Montessori method approach to education that is child-centered and typically includes a more hands-on curriculum.

Austin Montessori School

Ages served: 2 months-15 years old

Enrollment: 355

Tuition*: $11,700 (ages 6-11 years), $13,200 (ages 12-15 years)

Extracurricular activities: art, choir, handwork, Spanish

5006 Sunset Trail, Austin

5677 Oak Blvd., Austin


*Also serves children ages 18 months-5 years at a different rate

Headwaters School: Elementary Campus

Grades served: kindergarten-fifth grade**

Enrollment: 190

Tuition: $11,615-$11,955

Extracurricular activities: theater, art, Spanish, PE/sports club, gardening, music

9607 Brodie Lane, Austin


**Headwaters School has its middle and high school campus located at 807 Rio Grande St., Austin, in Central Austin. Headwaters School also has an early childhood campus located at 6305 Manchaca Road, Austin.

Mariposa Montessori School

Ages served: 2 months-12 years old (sixth grade)

Enrollment: 170

Tuition: $13,575 (8 weeks-17 months), $10,475 (18 months-2 years), $10,000 (3 years-5 years), $10,475 (6 years-12 years)

Extracurricular activities: Spanish, art, soccer, yoga

3338 Paisano Trail, Austin


Parkside Community Montessori School

Grades served: prekindergarten-sixth grade

Enrollment: 130

Tuition: $11,000 (rates may vary)

Extracurricular activities: guitar, physical education, Spanish, bike club

3207 W. Slaughter Lane, Austin


Religious-based schools

These schools are associated with a particular religion and may require families to also practice that religion. Catholic schools, for example, will typically include chapel services and prayer into the curriculum, which may follow different standards based on accreditation.

Austin Christian Academy

Grades served: kindergarten-12th grade

Enrollment: 75

Tuition: $4,400 yearly enrollment

Extracurricular activities: details available on school website

1010 FM 1626, Austin


Regents School of Austin

Grades served: kindergarten-12th grade

Enrollment: 1,000

Tuition: $10,874-$17,353

Extracurricular activities: athletics, fine arts, science and nature center, community service, computer programming, interscholastic competitions

3230 Travis Country Circle, Austin


St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Grades served: kindergarten-12th grade

Enrollment: 950

Tuition: $22,708 (kindergarten-fourth grade), $26,146 (fifth-eighth grade), $29,187 (ninth-12th grade)

Extracurricular activities: competitive sports, fine and performing arts, filmmaking, robotics club, ecology and environmental engagement

5901 Southwest Parkway, Austin

512-299-9800 (lower school)

512-299-9850 (middle school)

512-299-9700 (upper school)

St. Gabriel’s Catholic School

Grades served: prekindergarten-eighth grade

Enrollment: 455

Tuition: $10,950-$14,900 (prekindergarten), $17,525 (kindergarten-fourth grade), $19,575 (fifth-eighth grade)

Extracurricular activities: N/A

2500 Wimberly Lane, Austin


St. Michael’s Catholic Academy

Grades served: ninth-12th grade

Enrollment: 375

Tuition: $22,100

Extracurricular activities:  athletics, dance, cheerleading, band and drumline, various clubs

3000 Barton Creek Blvd., Austin


Strickland Christian School

Grades served: prekindergarten-eighth grade

Enrollment: 150

Tuition: $3,996 (half-day prekindergarten), $5,940 (full-day prekindergarten), $4,680 (first-third grade), $4,980 (fourth-eighth grade)

Extracurricular activities: interscholastic competitions, art, music, competitive sports

7415 Manchaca Road, Austin


Veritas Academy

Grades served: prekindergarten-12th grade

Enrollment: 552

Tuition: $3,500-$9,830

Extracurricular activities: competitive athletics, fine arts, independent research, online programs through the academy’s schole school, various clubs

13401 Escarpment Blvd., Austin


Traditional schools

These tuition-based schools may focus on more rigorous college-preparatory coursework and higher academic standards.

AESA Prep Academy

Grades served: first-12th grade (some kindergarten students may be accepted)

Enrollment: 110

Tuition: $17,000

Extracurricular activities: International Immersion Program (travel abroad program), Hill Country Indoor PE program, Polo Club High Performance Tennis Program, TexArts Professional Theater Arts Program, Local Business Internship Program, virtual reality/drone club

13730 Hwy. 290, Austin


Austin OneHeart School

Grades served: kindergarten-12th grade

Enrollment: 12

Tuition: $13,000, with 50 percent sibling discount

Extracurricular activities: swimming, rowing, parkour

8601 S. First St., Austin


Skybridge Academy

Grades served: sixth-12th grade

Enrollment: 70 students

Tuition: $14,500

Extracurricular activities: Dungeons & Dragons Club

26450 RR 12, Dripping Springs


Waldorf schools

Known for integrating the arts into the curriculum, these schools also have a more hands-on approach to education that includes music, dance, theater and writing.

Austin Waldorf School

Grades served: kindergarten-12th grade

Enrollment: 350

Tuition: $11,995-$15,100 (prekindergarten-kindergarten), $15,400 (first-fifth grade), $15,900 (sixth-eighth grade), $17,995 (ninth-12th grade)

Extracurricular activities: volleyball, football, basketball, swimming, tennis, golf

8700 S. View Road, Austin


Charter schools

Charter schools are different than both public and private schools. In Texas, charter schools are public schools open to any student, and these schools may not charge tuition, according to the Texas Education Agency. These schools do receive state funds based on their average daily attendance of students, and they may also accept donations from private or public sources, according to the TEA. Charter schools also administer the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, test.

Harmony Schools

Harmony Schools has two South Austin campuses with two separate schools.

Harmony: School of Excellence

Grades served: sixth-12th grade

Enrollment: 547

2100 East St. Elmo Road, Austin


Harmony: School of Innovation
Grades served:
prekindergarten-fifth grade

Enrollment: 443

2124 East St. Elmo Road, Austin


IDEA Public Schools Bluff Springs

Grades served: kindergarten-4th grade, 6th grade-8th grade, plans to open a 5th and 9th grade in 2019

Enrollment: approximately 1,000

1700 W. Slaughter Lane, Austin


KIPP Austin Public Schools

KIPP Austin Public Schools has a South Austin campus with three separate schools.

KIPP: South Austin Campus

Grades served: kindergarten-12th grade

Enrollment: 1,250

5107 S. I-35, Ste. A, Austin

512-651-2069 (Obras School)

512-651-1918 (Beacon Prep School)

512-651-2225 (Brave High School)

Valor Public Schools

*Grades served: kindergarten-eighth grade

Enrollment: 465

220 Foremost Drive, Austin


*School plans to expand through 12th grade in the future, adding Ninth grade next year

Wayside Schools

Wayside Schools has three South Austin campuses with five separate schools.

Wayside: Altamira Academy and Wayside: Sci-Tech High School

Grades served: prekindergarten-fifth grade (academy), ninth-12th grade (high school)

Enrollment: 477 (academy),
235 (high school)

10704 Bradshaw Road, Austin

512-953-8301 (academy)

512-220-9104 (high school)

Wayside: Eden Park Academy

Grades served: prekindergarten-fifth grade

Enrollment: 344

6215 Manchaca Road, Austin


Wayside: REAL Learning Academy and Wayside: Sci-Tech Middle School

Grades served: prekindergarten-fifth grade (academy), sixth-eighth grade (middle school)

Enrollment: 665 (academy), 370 (middle school)

6405 S. I-35, Austin

512-358-1800 (academy)

512-220-9120 (middle school)

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